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Hudson Sandler’s 30th Birthday

Michael Sandler, Chairman

On 3rd March 1986, Simon Hudson and I started a financial PR agency – Kingsway Financial – it was half owned by Saatchi and Saatchi who had helped to finance the venture.* We had a first floor office at 45 Doughty St.  We had no clients but had a telephone, a secretary and a television. Teletext was the only way we knew what was going on. There was no email and all press releases had to be delivered by hand. All press cuttings were cut by ourselves. My desk has never been clearer than it was then.

We did not get a mobile phone until later in the year. My prize procession was a big brick Motorola 800, it didn’t work outside of the M25 and the battery lasted 30 minutes. It was a pretty expensive piece of kit at £2,000 considering that our average fee was £8000 pa and the average London house price was £55,000. Maybe we should have just bought a few houses and forgot about building a PR business. That said, interest rates were over 10%.

It was a leisurely life as the Stock Exchange did not open until 9.30am. The Big Bang changed all of that on 27th October when the rules changed and the stock exchange opened at 8:00am.

There have been a few changes over the past 30 years. Clients have come and gone, broking houses have come and gone, newspapers have come and gone, investment banks have gone…

I am proud that we have such a fantastic business grown through very good people and very good clients, because we give them very good service and the very best advice.

Here’s to the next 30 years.

*In 1988 Saatchi and Saatchi’s 50% was bought out, and Kingsway Financial was renamed Hudson Sandler.



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