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Through the eyes of an intern

Nick Moore, Client Executive (Intern)

Ten months ago, 15th October 2015, I set out on my journey as an intern at Hudson Sandler. As the final few days draw in I want to reflect on my time and development since entering the world of PR – an industry I had no previous experience in.

Over the past ten months I have mastered the art of standing in exactly the right place on the platform for the opening doors, the subtleties of office humour, after work drinks, Christmas parties, summer parties, and of course the ‘London powerwalk’ I had only been able to admire in the past. I also now appreciate the importance of RNS’s, why attention to detail is so key, and the pressure and tension that a client’s results day brings.

I am amazed by how much I have learnt over the past ten months. My language, media relations  and research skills have all improved as well as my confidence. Throughout the year I’ve been questioning how to progress to ‘the next level’, however, I have been constantly developing, quietly expanding my tacit knowledge and ever progressing on a day-to-day basis subconsciously. Before I knew it, these discreet learning curves and subtle realities were building the foundations of my career, and giving me invaluable skills that I’ll take with me to my final year at university.

I have also learnt that curiosity is the key to personal development. Asking the whats, whens, hows and perhaps most importantly the whys is the perfect way to build knowledge. To anyone else about to embark on a placement year, I would say that curiosity is your new best friend. You’ll be working alongside some incredibly experienced and clever people, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow on a professional and personal level.

During my time at Hudson Sandler I have seen Britain file for the divorce of the century, a most controversial Presidential candidate defy the status quo, a nationwide scandal shake the world of athletics and the village of Kidlington (Oxfordshire) make the headlines for attracting streams of Asian tourists.

Everyday another headline makes the news, but I have learnt that no matter the magnitude of events around you, unconditional commitment, motivation and a ‘business as usual’ mentality are what it takes to remain an effective part of your team. These are the values I believe every intern should adopt, and ones that could be the difference between leaving with an ‘experience’ or a job offer.

I am proud to say that I leave with both.

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