Hudson Sandler employees at Collective

Collective culture – the Hudson Sandler way

Earlier this month, Hudson Sandler’s colleagues gathered in London for the agency’s annual Collective. This gathering brings together employees from across our global offices in the UK, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Central Asia.

The Collective was an invaluable experience for someone like me who is passionate about financial communications and currently pursuing an Investor Relations certification, with the IR Society. This Collective provided an opportunity to meet with knowledgeable colleagues who are dedicated to helping our clients in this industry. Their experience, coupled with their sincere support, will certainly catapult me forward.

As well as sharing knowledge the Collective also combines experiences and insights. Our visit to the awe-inspiring Bloomberg London office to not only learn more about the architectural marvel designed by Foster + Partners and how it embodies sustainable design but also sits atop the historic Temple of Mithras, was truly invigorating.

I also found the session with Alexis Akwagyiram, Managing Editor of Semafor Africa particularly impressive. Apart from his vast experience across major media houses, I found his insights particularly valuable. Key takeaways for me were the power of impactful storytelling, the critical aspects of journalism, the current landscape of African news coverage, and Semafor’s role in shaping the global media’s perception of Africa.

Fostering a strong and unified company culture goes beyond just words at Hudson Sandler. Our core principle, “One Team, One Culture,” transcends geographical boundaries. Creating a collaborative environment makes every team member feel empowered and valued and this commitment is underpinned each year at the Collective.

“One Team, One Culture” tackles the challenge of ensuring a consistent and positive employee experience across diverse locations. It helps us break down silos, enhance collaboration, and foster knowledge exchange among geographically dispersed teams.

This year’s Collective featured a variety of engaging activities designed to achieve these goals. Teams presented case studies and discussed client projects in a knowledge-sharing marketplace., analysing what works and doesn’t work for our clients, as we strive for continuous improvement in service and support.

Connecting socially with colleagues from around the world is always a highlight of the Collective. From shared meals to social activities, this enabled us to build relationships and gain a deeper understanding of each other’s cultures and working styles. It was about connecting a face to a name and truly feeling part of one global team.

Ultimately, the Collective strengthens our “One Team, One Culture” philosophy, leading to a more engaged workforce and a competitive edge in the global communications landscape. The Collective is a powerful example of how a team-building event can foster a unified company culture. By breaking down geographical barriers and promoting knowledge exchange, the Collective empowers employees, strengthens client service, and positions Hudson Sandler for continued success in the global communications landscape.