Fair & Square Podcast: Shining a Light on Britain’s Night-time Economy

There is a perception that pubs, bars and clubs have been having a tough time and that hundreds of closures have contributed to the decline of town centres. But is this true? Are people really going out less than before? And how can businesses which operate in the night-time economy retain and attract new customers? For this edition of Fair and Square we are delighted to have two of the most experienced operators in the leisure sector, Peter Marks, Chief Executive of Deltic, the UK’s largest operator of nightclubs and Ralph Findlay, CEO of Marston’s, one of the UK’s largest pub operators.

Together with Nick Lyon, who runs Hudson Sandler’s leisure practice, they explore the ever changing challenges and opportunities within the night-time economy.

Peter Marks is a leisure industry veteran with over 35 years’ experience with some of the most high profile brands in the sector. Since 2011 he has been CEO of The Deltic Group, a leading UK club and bar operator with classic brands including PRYZM, Atic and Bar&Beyond.

Ralph Findlay has been CEO of Marston’s plc since 2001, having previously been Finance Director at the Company from 1996. Ralph is currently the Senior Independent Director at Bovis Homes Group PLC and a Director of the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA). He previously worked as Financial Controller at Geest plc and Treasury Manager at Bass plc.