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Global Africa – a platform for shared prosperity

Global Africa was the inspirational theme at the heart of the 31st Annual Meetings of the African Import and Export Bank (Afreximbank) – underlined by the event being held for the first time in the Caribbean, with Nassau in the Bahamas the host.

In 2023, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) was designated the 6th Region of the African Union which expanded an ongoing conversation on cultural exposition and reaffirmed the commitment to forging stronger bonds between Africa and the Caribbean. For our client, Afreximbank, with its development mandate closely aligning with the African Union’s broader economic and development goals, the Caribbean was a fitting location for its 2024 Annual Meetings with the theme : ‘Owning Our Destiny: Economic Prosperity on the Platform of Global Africa’.

Attendees, from heads of state and government delegations to private sector leaders and a wide array of designers, actors and musicians representing youth culture and the creative industries agreed that for a stronger Africa, the Caribbean had a key role to play. The Honourable Philip Davis, the Prime Minister of The Bahamas, articulated a vision for Global Africa that transcended geographical boundaries to unite African and Caribbean nations in economic prosperity and self-determination.

Prime Minister Davis emphasized that the shared heritage and potential of African and Caribbean nations, underscored by initiatives like the African Continental Free Trade Agreement and regional economic summits, if driven with belief, would empower more than two billion people of African descent worldwide to define their economic destiny on their own terms, emphasizing unity, innovation, and economic empowerment. His call to bridge historical divides and forge ahead together resonated as a clarion call for collective action towards a future where Africa and the Caribbean drive prosperity and partnership on their own terms.

This call was echoed by Prof. Benedict Oramah, President of Afreximbank. He said: “The fate of all Africans, irrespective of their geographic location, race, or colour, is inextricably linked. The over two billion Africans spread around the world must now recognize that together, they constitute a powerful economic force that cannot be ignored; they must also recognize that power can only be potent and credible if delivered on a common and cohesive platform.”

And it was with this conviction that Hudson Sandler, planned for this momentous event. It entailed a few firsts for Afreximbank and we were proud to work with them with on-the-ground support, content creation and digital strategy and implementation.  First, Afreximbank launched its inaugural magazine – Global Africa –  highlighting its accomplishments and embodying the collective strengths and aspirations of the global African community. It was an ambitious (particularly given the timescale from concept to print deadline) and wonderfully visual publication that captured Afreximbank’s key mandate of driving development across Africa. Our team was thrilled to have supported the development of the magazine articles and seeing it across the line, with printed copies of the magazine distributed to delegates on Day 2 of the Annual Meetings.

Another first was the storytelling on Afreximbank TV. A bank-owned asset, it was integral to achieving a very intricate and differentiated tone from past editions. Hudson Sandler put together a plan mapping out key voices from heads of state and government to DJs and movie stars, from African artists to Caribbean central bank governors, to ensure the variety of voices was evident and we delivered this with aplomb! But we also couldn’t do it without the support of the Afreximbank communications team, the partnership with Africa 24 and the talented freelancer Janelle Persaud, our anchor for the week.

A key takeaway for us was that Africa is united. African nations have great ambition, and their leaders are stepping up to the task. Unity is indeed strength, and strength is in numbers! The number of people from both the Caribbean, the diaspora, and Africa at the event was remarkable. The different cultures on display, from the vibrant Junkanoo festivities to the African wear, were a sight to behold. The event was vibrant and colourful and emphasized cultural similarities, reinforcing the idea of Global Africa. The Global Africa narrative may not be new, but this summit certainly turned up the volume. The message resonated from the Caribbean to the Continent and was loud and clear – Global Africa: one people, shared aspirations.