Making Sense of Political Stakeholders with HS Insights

In today’s world our clients’ stakeholders, from consumers to economic actors, are connected in ever more dense webs of interaction and our understanding of those complex networks has had to become exponentially more sophisticated in order to provide our clients with the right, future-fit strategic counsel. My job is to ensure that we can make sense of all that noise in ways that are instantly actionable. In recent months an unavoidable piece of this complex virtual jigsaw has become policy makers, parliamentarians and other political movers and shakers whose influence extends way beyond select committees, parliamentary debates and the mainstream media as they all get in on the game of social influence. In fact the amount of political noise out there, which as we all know has a different kind of relationship with what most of us would consider absolute truth, is both deafening and powerful.

At Hudson Sandler we are always looking for new and innovative ways to edge ahead in our competitive advantage (and to deliver that same advantage to our clients) so we set ourselves the challenge of making sense of the political humdrum in a way that would deliver truly insightful analysis of the whole political sphere for our clients. So, starting with the EU, we set about mapping nearly 5,000 stakeholders, including the European Parliament, the European Commission, MEPs, director generals, committees, various institutional quangos, think tanks, NGOs and intergovernmental groups as well as every single vocal person connected with all those entities who blogs or tweets and we started to monitor them through a dashboard where you can easily filter by specific topics of concern to our clients. We can then segment all that content across numerous themes so we can see what’s trending at any given moment in the world of EU politics – either as it creeps towards policy or is just a seed of an idea from a think tank or influencer that’s gaining traction.

Example segmentation showing the share of mentions of key topics, including climate change, trade, subsidies and a number of other categories bespoke to each client, across multiple sources, providing a snapshot analysis of what’s currently trending across EU institutions and the entities influencing them.

Hudson Sandler delivers its public affairs offer through long terms strategic partnerships. However we believe that we have built in-house the mother of political monitoring dashboards (and we’ve seen a few) that maps official transcripts, agendas and documentation (thanks to the phenomenon of transparent government) and enriches them with the real time opinions of thousands of EU influencers commenting and driving their agendas on social media. Of course we add a layer of smart analysis on top of all of that. Our deep knowledge of our clients’ business challenges and agendas means that we can cut deep in to all that data and present it in the most graceful and informative way possible in weekly reports giving our client’s truly actionable and informative political insights. The HS Insights EU Monitor is now fully operational and we are busy replicating the process for UK political monitoring before turning our attention to the US. We are up and running with a range of clients already, with a particular focus on ESG, and are closely monitoring developments around trade and subsidies whilst developing a deep understanding of nascent concepts in the area of sustainable food production and reactions from policy influencers to the implications of the IPCC’s most recent report on climate change. If you would like to discuss the benefits in more detail please contact partner and Head of Insights Victor Benady.