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Our Fair and Square podcast is back

We’re back for the second series of our podcast, Fair and Square. The podcast is devoted to exploring the perspectives and opinions that shape contemporary society. We’ll be joined by leaders who are making a difference in business, science, politics, the arts - shaping the world we live in.

Each episode will feature conversations with guests from diverse backgrounds and industries. These provocative and engaging conversations will provide valuable insights into the key topics we’re facing – from the climate agenda to the Black Lives Matter movement.
The series is hosted by media veteran Adam Batstone. Adam has over 20 years’ experience working as a reporter, producer and editor for titles and outlets including The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mirror as well as The Express and the BBC.

Episode 1: In conversation with Charles Clover

The first episode will be a conversation with Charles Clover, co-founder and director of the Blue Marine Foundation, an organisation dedicated to protecting 30% of the world’s ocean by 2030. An environmental journalist with over 30 years’ experience, Charles’ life mission and work has been the protection and preservation of the marine environment. Clover recently released his second book, ‘Rewilding the Sea: How to Save our Oceans’, in which he explores the realities, challenges and rewards involved in repopulating our oceans and makes the case for why the world needs to pay attention – for reasons both economic and ecological.

In this episode, Charles takes us on a voyage deep into our oceans and the action we must take, as a society, to make a marked difference for the future.

The tide is turning

The good news is that the outlook is changing for the better. “The paradigm is changing. The public consciousness on this subject has gone up enormously.”

According to Clover, restoring nature and species to the sea isn’t a ‘pipe dream’ anymore. There are parts of the world where it is happening or has already happened. So now, we need to help the rest of the world follow suit.

“We have shown that we can restore populations of fish” explains Clover, “The sterling example of the bluefin tuna is quite fantastic. Thanks to a global campaign there was an enormous movement around Europe that enough was enough and that this iconic fish should not be fished to extinction.”

The results of the campaign saw the companies represented in the Atlantic Fisheries Nations globally reduce the fishing season by three-quarters, in-turn increasing the number of blue fish tuna in the ocean. Hudson Sandler is proud to have worked alongside this campaign supporting our client Thai Union on its SeaChange sustainability strategy, which it undertook in partnership with the UN.

Joining the climate conversation

While repopulation of oceans is attainable, there needs to be a shift in how we view our oceans as part of the wider climate conversation.

Clover says, “The sea is our friend, and we need our friend to help us store more carbon from the atmosphere than we are currently doing… Policy is so many decades behind the reality of the world we are living in that’s affected by climate change… The great thing is that in the sea you can do something about it… Case after case, it’s in the economic interest as well as the ecological interest to act. There is a greater ability to act locally and regionally in the oceans, which is quite different to the climate. And the UN has begun to accept, finally and belatedly, nature-based solutions in the sea.”

Food security

There is the added incentive for food security in restoring the populations of fish to the sea. “We need to invest in the sea for food security and we need to invest in the sea for our climate change mitigation, and we’ve just got to get our heads round this.”

Andrew Hayes, Managing Partner at Hudson Sandler says, “Fair and Square aims to tackle the topics that matter in society. Climate change and sustainability are issues for which we’re collectively responsible. At Hudson Sandler, we recognise the need for organisations to act responsibly today to enjoy a sustainable, long-term future.”

“As part of HS Sustain, we deliver award winning sustainability strategies, drawing upon in-depth research, analysis and insight. We’re committed to helping our clients tackle the myriad environmental and social challenges they face, and to help them define corporate purpose and build reputations for responsibility.”

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