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We help brands, ranging from household names and stalwarts of the high street to disruptive rising stars, to engage with their target audiences. This means ensuring that sustainability and ESG narratives are told across every touch point between a brand and its customers, employees, shareholders and communities.

The challenge of standing out

Consumers have limited time and myriad brands demanding their attention.

It is no longer enough to claim to be the cheapest, the tastiest or the most luxurious. It is vital to cut through this noise and stand out through creative campaigns, content and engaging dialogue that communicates social and environmental purpose and builds consumer trust.

We use our proprietary HS Insights platform to help brands identify themes that impact and concern their consumers, to find their voice on their issues and to keep a watchful eye on the activities of their peers. We help them stand out and ahead of the pack.

Why brand purpose matters

It has never been more important to communicate a clear brand purpose.

Consumers are increasingly vocal about brands that fail to fulfil their societal and environmental obligations. They are alert to those brands that do not treat their staff and suppliers with due care and attention. They are conscious of the impact of raw materials and manufacturing processes on the environment and local communities.

Consumers will be loyal to favoured brands up to a point, but they will vote with their wallets if disappointed by how they talk and behave. Brands must be able to answer challenging questions if posed.

We help our clients to communicate with transparency, impact and authenticity.

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