We help brands – ranging from established household names through to disruptive rising stars – to engage with their target audiences

Hudson Sandler is one of the leading advisors to consumer industries brands across the retail, food & drink and leisure sectors​.

In today’s world, where brand equity can be amplified or broken in a single tweet or swipe, we use our unique HS Insights technology to help identify opportunities and navigate fast-emerging issues.

We help brands to stand out.

Whether your brand is communicating its growth story to investors, launching a new product or simply wants to connect with its audiences who matter, we help brands to stand out.

In the new consumer age of democratised content and a myriad of competing voices, it is no longer enough for brands to try and shout the loudest about being the cheapest, the tastiest or the most luxurious. Brands need to cut through the noise and effectively engage audiences through creative campaigns, content and dialogue that communicate purpose, sustainability and build trust.

By leveraging our Insights platform, we research trends, traffic and peer group activity to identify emerging issues and opportunities that help shape compelling themes and narratives.

We help you to communicate brand purpose.

In a post-COVID-19 world, it has never been more important to communicate a clear brand purpose. The retail and leisure industries have been undergoing major transformation for over a decade as consumers have changed how they shop. Omnichannel, direct-to-consumer, customer personalisation and social media are all now business as usual.

The next major challenge will arise as brand have to become increasingly attuned to why their consumers shop. New questions are constantly being asked of brands by both consumers and investors who have increasing ESG considerations. We help our clients communicate the answers with transparency, impact and authenticity. 

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