Bespoke preparation, response and recovery to protect your reputation through crises and issues

No crisis or issue is ever the same. No response should ever be the same.

Drawing on our extensive crisis management experience, we provide a bespoke approach designed to meet our client’s needs.

Whether an accident, operational disruption, data breach, governance or management issue, activist investor, failed event or campaign, product recall, employee or customer issue, we have the requisite experience and knowledge to ensure our clients respond authentically and effectively.

Our experienced team is highly skilled in dealing with fast-moving and sensitive issues both domestically and internationally. Our priority is the protection of our client’s business and brand reputation.

Preparation and risk mitigation are the foundations of protection

We are experts in the industry sectors in which we specialise. We understand their implicit risks and opportunities. Drawing on this knowledge, we identify potential threats on the horizon and the audiences these may impact. We embark upon an extensive stakeholder mapping exercise to understand potential flashpoints. We conduct risk mitigation exercises.

We scenario plan with our clients, putting them through crisis simulation exercises that both test their readiness and existing playbooks. This knowledge shapes the bespoke response protocols and communication plans we produce for our clients to ensure they are ready for every eventuality.

Responding at the right time in the right way

Crises often happen when least expected. It is vital that our clients have as much information and guidance as possible as quickly as possible to shape their response.

Using market-leading software, we monitor in real-time social media conversations and online content to identify how the crisis is being reported and discussed.

We offer honest, considered and strategic advice on appropriate responses. We draw upon our experience to suggest appropriate media interventions. We ensure our clients are informed and authentic in their reactions and reach their target audiences.

Recovery to strengthen your business

Crises provide an opportunity to reflect and build greater resilience.

If lessons are not learned and remedial actions not taken, crises can cause irrevocable damage.

From identifying gaps in protocols to missed opportunities to act, we conduct in-depth reviews that highlight key issues to address.

We hold our clients’ hands during the recovery process.

Our recommendations and insight help clients to restore, rebuild and enhance their reputations in the wake of a crisis.

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