We are a leader in strategic communications for emerging markets organisations 

We are the leading London agency in delivering strategic and creative communications campaigns for emerging markets organisations as well as investor relations, transaction and ESG support.

Whether delivering across a single country or an entire region, our London-based home team works with colleagues based in Nairobi, Lagos and Central Asia and their local affiliates to ensure international best practice standards are maintained

Unlocking potential on the global stage

Our unique mix of local and global capabilities means that we are perfectly positioned to serve our clients in their home markets but also on the global stage. But we understand that one size certainly does not fit all. Our campaigns consider the unique local nuances and customs that underpin each marketplace.

A platform for purpose-driven innovation

Emerging markets offer the opportunity to rethink problems. They offer tremendous opportunities for socially and environmentally conscious organisations to invest and make a difference. They can offer purpose-driven innovation that combines economic and social development with strong investment returns.

They offer the chance for organisations to work with think tanks, non-governmental organisations and sovereign entities to identify and create investment opportunities that truly make a difference to the markets in which they operate.

We understand how to navigate the maze

We understand the complexities of operating in emerging markets, but we also understand the opportunities. There are many positive stories to highlight, including an emerging middle class and new companies and markets.

Economies are undergoing major reforms to improve productivity, such as reducing barriers to investment and repealing inflexible employment laws.

Markets are being liberalised. But there are also enduring issues, such as financial crises, political turmoil and exposure to both the US dollar and oil prices. 

We understand how to navigate these complexities to ensure the smoothest of journeys for our clients as they tell their stories at home and internationally.

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