We are one of the leading advisers to companies in the metals, mining and energy sectors.

The challenge

It has never been easy to co-ordinate the long-term development of resources to match dynamic commodity pricing cycles while taking advantage of equity and debt capital markets at the most optimum times.

But the equation today is even more complicated. The natural resource sector has more listed constituents globally than any other. Each is competing for the attention of a finite group of investors. Each has a story to tell.

Institutional investors are increasingly focused on responsible investment and the strength of a company’s sustainability and ESG credentials.

Meeting the challenge

We have a long history of helping natural resource companies communicate with stakeholders. Whether they are nascent companies looking to develop potential opportunities or large companies with major projects and pipelines, we have helped them articulate their stories to achieve the appropriate valuations for their assets, equity and debt.

Natural resource companies need a licence to operate

It is vital that their story is understood by all stakeholders, whether they are institutional investors, governments and licence issuers, the company’s employees or the communities in which they operate. They need to understand how each company works, the potential opportunities on offer and the progress it has made in contributing to society and the environment.

We know how to tell those stories.

We have pioneered ESG and IR advisory services for both early-stage and mature businesses in the resources sector. We help our clients build relationships with key stakeholders through clear communications with an embedded sustainability narrative that highlights commitment, performance and opportunity.

We have drawn on our capital markets experience, strong relationships with key commentators in the media and analyst worlds and award-winning ESG expertise to work with many Forbes 50 clients on some of the largest and most complex transactions in the sector.

But we have also used our experience and contacts to support juniors in the early day-to-day exploration stages to build momentum with new investor and media audiences. 

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