A sustainable future. For the environment. For humankind. For your organisation

Organisations including businesses must act responsibly today to enjoy a sustainable, long-term future.

But recognising what ‘sustainability’ means for any organisation can be difficult when there are myriad issues that need addressing – from climate change and worker rights to environmental protection and social inclusion – and it feels like everybody is watching – and has an opinion.

In this environment, we help Board to develop a plan that answers questions related to sustainability and ESG. We create possibility on this journey.

HS Sustain – award-winning sustainability strategies

Drawing upon in-depth research and analysis, HS Sustain creates, establishes and delivers award-winning sustainability strategies.

Our work is transparent and accountable.

It reinforces our clients as authentic, credible and knowledgeable about sustainability arena, and builds ongoing support from their stakeholders.

HS Sustain draws together industry-leading sustainability, strategic, financial and communications expertise, to offer a suite of services that build our clients’ profiles as responsible organisations across all stakeholder audiences – from regulators, investors and industry peers to consumers, communities and employees.

Intelligence and insight

We design bespoke sustainability and ESG programmes, based around a range of services that fall under three categories:

  • Analysis – detailed research into potential environmental and social risks, alongside opportunities, on the horizon for your company – and the wider sector in which it operates
  • Advisory – rigorous strategies including long-term goal setting, establishing milestones and roadmaps, and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Activation – strategic communications programmes, targeting audiences and demonstrating your environmental and social stewardship

Broad industry experience

We work across a broad range of industries – from metals, mining and energy to retail, fashion and food.

We work throughout Europe and the USA and have genuine understanding of the sustainability and ESG challenges facing companies in emerging markets including Russia, north and sub-Saharan Africa and south east Asia.

Our sustainability and ESG programmes are insightful, credible and creative, ensuring our clients remain investable in the long-term and retain their social licence to operate, even as the landscape shifts.

They help to define corporate purpose and build reputations for responsibility.

And, critically, they carefully address the environmental and social challenges facing our clients and their sectors.

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