Data-led insights, strategic planning and campaign measurement that transform communications

Our proprietary Hudson Sandler Insights platform is at the heart of everything we do. We draw upon its market research and real-time monitoring to ensure that our insights and communications work responds to the most pertinent needs of our clients’ stakeholder audiences while reflecting the broader socio-economic, political and cultural environment.

Whether our clients require bespoke research-led insight to inform strategic campaigns or up-to-the-minute monitoring to provide actionable insights every day, we tailor our approach. We provide clients with smart insights that allow them to capitalise on opportunities or mitigate risks.

Strategic planning that inspires creativity

It has never been more important for organisations to have an authentic story to tell.

But having an authentic story that helps an organisation stand out from its peers is vital.

We conduct a deep and rigorous analysis of a company’s business strategy and objectives while researching its stakeholder universe to identify its most compelling points of difference.This combination of primary research and data analytics inspires fresh thinking that drives a business forward.

We develop an appropriate strategic narrative from which bold and transformational, integrated communications programmes emerge.

Bespoke monitoring that provides actionable insights

Our clients’ stakeholders cross over and interact at many points in today’s interlinked world. We identify these fulcrum points in real-time through bespoke, executive dashboards, optimised for the C-suite, that provide clients with simple and actionable insights critical to business success.

Our new political platform monitors EU policy makers and institutions in real-time alongside the myriad think tanks, non-governmental and inter-governmental organisations and international institutions that influence their thinking.

By monitoring topics relevant to our clients’ businesses, we provide in-depth analysis to keep them abreast of policy thinking and developments from their earliest stages.

Best-in-class measurement and evaluation

We create bespoke evaluation models for our clients specifically designed to measure the success of our work against their business objectives. As a result the KPIs we measure are relevant and don’t rely on the outdated belief that media clips are everything.

We are completely accountable and transparent. We believe that tracking our success against stated goals ensures total alignment between us and our clients. It also helps provide the solid evidence that must be core to any awards submission.

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Victor Benady, Head of HS Insights