Telling your African story

We are an African-led full-service communications consultancy employing local experts to deliver world-class communications across the continent. Africa is a continent with a strong heritage of storytelling. We help make this relevant today.

With our offices in Nairobi and Lagos and strategic partners in Cairo, we produce strategic, creative campaigns that tell your African story one country at a time. As regional hubs with global transport connections, they attract international NGOs and corporates as a base for their operations.

Each campaign is tailored to suit the needs of different local media groups and considers the issues about which each community and country is passionate. We are well equipped to understand and advise on the increasing convergence of corporate, political and ESG risk that creates more complexity and opportunity.

International campaigns led by local experts

Our experienced team of African consultants provide a full-service offering for our clients, including crisis management, social media, media relations, internal communications, stakeholder engagement, financial communications and ESG communications.

We can develop and manage customer communities and citizen engagement programmes. We are proud to work with organisations across the continent defining the continent’s development priorities and how value is shared across communities. Social media and telecoms are uniquely well placed in Africa to reach audiences traditional media simply cannot. We can build online influencer networks.

We are experienced in message development and thought leadership positioning. Our team can also assist with national and regional government relations and international media relations outreach.


Evaluation of results make an impact

We evaluate our work to ensure that each deliverable creates a measurable impact.

We help build trust and loyalty for our clients, enhancing their corporate reputations which increases their influence and allows their voices to be heard.

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