Russia’s leading strategic communications consultancy

We have more than a decade’s experience in helping Russian organisations communicate their stories both domestically and internationally. We are the market leader.

We understand the unique interlocking dynamics of society, capital, media, business and environmental protection that interact with geopolitics which characterise the Russian market, but also have the experience in unpicking this complex web to benefit our clients.

We offer global best practice with international and local in-market execution

We engineer strategic and creative campaigns that connect global investors, media and influencers in London, New York, Washington and Moscow.

Our unique and deep experience allows us to offer local exposure and global reach for our Russian clients that raise their profiles where it matters. To help close the ‘Russian discount’, credibly articulating broader purpose across sustainability and ESG is key.

Heightened brand awareness creates new possibilities to be explored in both domestic markets and on the global stage.

Breadth of activity and experience in public and private sectors

We have advised on some of Russia’s largest M&A transactions and helped many companies to market with IPOs in London, New York, Hong Kong and Moscow.

We currently deliver best practice investor relations support to many of Russia’s largest companies. This includes engaging with credit and ESG ratings agencies.

Our understanding of the dynamics of Russia’s media landscape coupled with our insight into what inspires employees, consumers, global capital markets and the world’s influencers makes us the perfect partner to tell the story of purpose-driven innovation and value creation in Russia.

Addressing challenges and protecting and enhancing reputations

Drawing upon our bespoke HS Sustain offering, we develop and implement sustainability and ESG programmes for many leading Russian companies which understand the unique challenges that they face.

Our robust programmes ensure that Russian companies remain investable, responsible and credible in the face of issues such as climate change and supply chain management.

We also are experienced in crisis management preparation.

Crises often hit when least expected.

It is never too early to implement bespoke preparation plans, conduct crisis scenarios and create playbooks for recovery programmes.

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